New emergency patients connected directly to your front desk with advanced technology & 24-hour support.

Using digital marketing, the EDS network of websites generates thousands of immediate need patients that are in pain and searching for a dental provider. We “directly connect” each patient within a 15-mile radius of your dental practice via a phone call during your hours of operation, but our service doesn’t stop there. See how Direct Connect drives a consistent source of new patients below.

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Unlike other traditional Pay-per-call lead services, we have advanced IVR & Ai technology in place to help your front desk staff when they are busy and unable to answer new patient calls.

Through our Direct Connect service, a virtual assistant is in place to guide patients when a call is unanswered and will provide additional options to schedule an appointment using online scheduling via a text message or speaking to a live 24/7 EDS agent.

Feel secure paying for call leads knowing you will “never miss a call” with the EDS virtual support team in place. Our Ai software acts as a safety net for your front desk and patients will have several self-service options using their smartphone that can include:

  1. Getting appointments booked directly to your Practice Management Software when your office is closed or busy, giving patients access to your real-time schedule.
  2. Allowing patients to leave a digital voicemail that will be sent via email & text to your office staff.
  3. Connecting patients with a live 24/7 EDS agent to be prescreened and scheduled directly for your practice over the phone. (Appointment info also sent via text & email to your office staff)

Get access to fully detailed reporting that will provide powerful insights on how well your Direct Connect lead service is working. EDS will provide monthly reports showing the total number of call leads, categorized by day of the week and time of the day to increase your ability to staff properly. Every call is tracked and recorded in order to measure campaign performance and maximize your marketing budget without any wasted ad spend.

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With advanced software in place, the EDS marketing team has the ability to see and hear the actual conversations with searchable transcripts & audio recordings. This provides insights into why patients are calling, what problems they are experiencing, and how your front desk staff/EDS 24/7 agents are responding to each call.

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Our reporting system gives every dental partner the complete picture of what type of conversations lead to conversions and how many phone calls it takes to generate a patient walking through the door. This provides the perfect data to optimize every opportunity to drive revenue into your business. Sign up to get new patients & never miss a call through Direct Connect today!

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